Using Solid State Disk to optimize Oracle databases


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I put together this five part guide to using Solid State Disk - flash disks specifically - with Oracle databases.  It's based on research I've been doing using a PCi SSD drive - with and without the  Oracle Database Flash Cache - to optimize various types of Oracle IO. 

1. Introduction : review of magnetic disk technologies and the role of disk IO in database performance. 

2. Fundamentals of SSD technology  SSD types, the mechanics of flash SSD, write vs read latency, garbage collection, etc, 

3. The Oracle database flash cache Oracle 11gR2 database flash cache (DBFC) architecture, configuration and monitoring. 

4. Evaluating the options Performance comparisons of various types of Oracle IO using flash disk directly or as part of the DBFC

5. Best practices and summary Summary of best practices using flash SSD with Oracle

Other blog posts on SSD can be found at,  This includes work on Exadata flash and the smart flash log.  The Powerpoint slides for my talk on using SSD with Oracle can be found at