This site contains links to material relevent to my professional life. I'm an IT professional with experience in a range of disciplines and technologies but probably best known for my involvement in relational databases such as Oracle and MySql and for my software development activities at Quest Software (now part of Dell).

I'm the author of Next Generation Databases,  Oracle Performance Survival Guide, MySql Stored Procedure Programming (with Steven Feuerstein), Oracle SQL High Performance Tuning and Oracle Desk Reference. I also write monthly columns at Database Trends and Applications and more occasional articles at ToadWorld.

I'm currently employed as an Executive Director of R&D at Dell Quest Software.  I lead the R&D teams that develop the famous Toad family of database management products, our Business Intelligence tools and tools for increasingly important non-relational systems such as Hadoop

My blog contains occasional contributions of a technical nature and I can be contacted by email either at (personal) or  I'm @guyharrison on twitter.

I live in Melbourne Australia with my wife Jenni, our children Chris, Kate, Mike and William,  one cat, two rabbits and two crazy dogs.